The Last Post for Fat Baby

Well, tomorrow is the "big day". Seven a.m. Bart and I will be at the hospital and the induction will begin (unless it starts on its own tonight). We'll see what time Little Mr. Ethan arrives. The guesses on my other blog have been great.
I don't know what will become of this blog. I will probably write a final farewell and end it. I am wondering if I should print up what I've written, save it for Ethan to one day have.
But, do I want him to know of the downs? Or just the ups? There have been both, and although I have had those moments (very, very long moments) of sadness or doubt, that does not mean Ethan is less important to me or my family. The boys are so excited to get to meet him tomorrow and to tell the truth, I'm getting a bit excited myself. Maybe that is just because I'll be able to sleep, roll over, and sleep without it waking me up...who knows?
So, for now, farewell.
I'll see you on the other side of labor and delivery.


What a Great Update!

Today was my last check up.
Not only have I gained a total of 23.4 pounds (because any weight I gain between now and Tuesday does not count), I am 3 (almost 4, she really wanted to say 4) cm dilated and 70% effaced!
If I make it to Tuesday, my OB said they will probably just break the water and it'll go from there.
Whoa. Ethan, I really want to go to Mom's Night Out Saturday, and your grandma will not be here until late Saturday night...so, stay in until let's say, 10, then let the contractions come!!!!


Bye-Bye Fat Baby and Belly at 39.5 weeks

My friend, Karen, made this today. How funny and thoughtful of her. She's the one who painted the awesome tree in the nursery, FYI.
Here is Fat Baby at the end. Go here to see the other shots. My belly is hanging out all the time because almost no shirts are long enough to cover it up! I'd wear dresses, except it is too cold to do that every day.


Cross Your Fingers and I'll Uncross My Legs

Cross your fingers that if Fat Baby does not arrive by 11/18 (his due date), that I will get to be induced. The doctor said it will all be set up tomorrow, 11/11, but I am worried the hospital will be too full and I'll get sent home or something crazy like that.
And...do you think I will be released in time to attend the Activity Days Talent Show on 11/19 at 7 p.m.?
It could happen, right?


Eviction Date Set (sort of)

Today at my 38/almost 39 week appointment, a date was set...sort of. I have to wait until next Tuesday, Nov. 11, for the official date to be set, because the hospital only sets up inductions one week in advance, but if Fat Baby does not come visit Omaha on his own by Nov. 18, he will be drugged and come out to play with a few pushes from me.
(Now let's all pray that when I go in it is a slow day and I actually get admitted that day!)
Oh, and remember how I was upset over gaining 4 lbs. in one week? Well, even with Halloween, I somehow lost 2 lbs. I think this is the weirdest pregnancy EVER! At least the doctor didn't seem to care that I lost weight this time.
What a diet, candy, pizza, and juice...wonder if that will work to lose weight after Fat Baby exits the building?

Oh, and I might post a picture of belly this weekend, though I am not so sure since the teenage checker at the grocery store said, "Man, you must be due any day!"



Freaked Out...Now the Calm

So, I was recently getting rather freaked out...I mean, I have jokingly said I wanted Fat Baby to come TWO weeks early...and then two weeks early came. I was NOT ready.

Lucky for me, neither was he.

Now, though, as it gets more and more difficult to sleep soundly, and as the house gets in order a little more every day (yesterday we did all our kidd-o Christmas shopping!), I don't think I'd mind if Fat Baby were a little early.

I know I'd be sad my parents did not make it in time for the "big arrival", but Plan B is out there, just in case. I'd be GLAD, though, for the pain in my side to stop, the back aches to end, and for my feet to begin their downward descent into normalcy. And, would I really miss the LOVELY pictures my mom is so famous for taking during labor and delivery??? He, he, he...let's just say thank goodness for a delete button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the calm before the baby storm has arrived. I guess I am glad for it. I am pretty sure Fat Baby will stay in until he is forced out, but who knows...stranger things have happened.


A Memory from J's Delivery

So, as I was yelling at Lori for being so lucky in the comment section of the last post (I really was just kidding!), I remembered a story from the delivery of J. that I thought I'd tell.

I was induced around midnight and had an epidural by 2 or 3 a.m. It was really easy going. Around 7 or 8 my sister (who was in the first trimester of her first child) calls to say she is having cramping and bleeding. Of course we tell her she better get to the OB...who happens to be MY OB as well!
So, my sister goes and is examined and the entire time my sister is with Dr. Payne, I am thinking, "I am going to be so pissed off if some stranger has to deliver my baby while MY OB is right across the street because my sister is having a medical emergency."
Real kind and loving of me, right?
Well, hey, I was in labor after all and if those are the only ugly things I thought, then maybe I should be given a medal.
Never fear...the story ends on a happy note. Sister, OB, and mother all make it to the room in time for the big push around 9 a.m. (OB is right across the street from the hospital), J. is born, and sister is fine (so is her cute and adorable fetus...well, it was alien-like at the time, not at all cute and adorable, but B. is cute now, so we'll stick with it.)
I don't know if this story has a moral, I just thought of it as typing about how I hate Lori for being so close in due date to me (but a teeny, tiny bit behind) and her getting to talk inductions on her next appointment. (Good luck Lori...if you are really lucky, you'll go in on your own BEFORE that next appointment...I'll send water breaking thoughts your way!)